Safe Water Saves Lives

Designed by the world leader in flexible industrial packaging, FPS, to provide a cleaner, safer and easier handling alternative to existing solutions (jerry cans, buckets) used in developing countries or areas suffering from natural disasters, to transport, store and dispense water in a hygienic and user-friendly way.

The ambition of Omniversal Life Impact Program (OLIP) is to positively impact the lives of 25 million people by 2025.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 2.2 billion people lack access to safe drinking water due to inadequate infrastructure and disasters. As a leader in flexible solutions in the packaging industry, we want to contribute to the well-being of life using our business solutions. That’s why FPS developed WaterSafe to find a solution for water insecurity all around the world.

Water Safe Bag by FPS


Around two billion people on Earth have lack of access to safe drinking water due to geographic challenges and lack of infrastructure. The sources they use to access and transport water are resulting in waterborne illnesses, child mortality and physical strain. There are also difficulties to access clean water as a result of natural disasters.


The WaterSafe by FPS is designed with the purpose of ensuring the safe transportation, storage and dispensing of water. This product is tailored to meet the needs of both end users and NGOs, while reducing the carbon footprint compared to other often used solutions.


Image of a Water Safe Product

with its removable liner and sealed pack design


conforms the wearers body


easy to carry with equally distributed weight


flexible design, easy for logistics


easy to use water


Reduce CO2 impact


Image promoting The Box of Wonders (TBOW) initiative.

Successful Deployment of
WaterSafe by FPS

Through a partnership with a US-based NGO, Partners for CareWaterSafe by FPS has so far positively impacted approximately 310,000 lives across rural areas of Kenya.

The vision of Partners for Care is for every child in Kenya to have the opportunity to live … to have safe water, enough food to eat, attend school, and grow up healthy.


Looking for partners with equally high ambitions

  • The ambition of our Omniversal Life Impact Program (OLIP) is to positively impact the lives of at least 25 million people by 2025.
  • To realize our ambitions we are seeking support from our business partners, NGOs and GOs to positively impact lives.

If you see possibilities to collaborate or create a partnership, do not hesitate to contact your local sales representative, or reach out to us via: