Our motivation

Improve the sustainability of our products and the well-being of the communities and stakeholders we impact

Sustainability Carbon Tool Process

Sustainability Partnerships - Accreditations

FPS Flexible Packaging solutions, as sustainable packaging supplier seeks to actively engage with organizations to increase the reach of our sustainability efforts. Another partnership is Together for Sustainability, where in 2020 Sultanbeyli, Turkey received a 98% audit performance.


FPS Flexible Packaging Solutions is consistently taking actions to improve operations and find more sustainable solutions.

Below are some key projects:


FPS commits to sustainability. The ESG sustainability framework is used to provide a clear structure of our sustainability strategy.

How We Integrate Sustainability

Highlighted story:   During 2020, the Hadımköy team in Turkey developed a waste roadmap by assessing their waste streams and determining a path to reduce their waste going to the landfill. The Hadımköy team introduced separation bins for paper waste in production, separated leftover food waste and sent it to local animal shelters, and introduced separation bins for packaging and paper waste in the cafeteria. In total, these efforts led to a seven percent reduction in their waste to landfill. By the end of 2020, Hadımköy used the projects on their waste roadmap to further reduce their waste to landfill an additional five percent.   Please look as well in the section “Solutions” and “What we do internally”