In recent times, local storage has never been so important as supply chains have been tested throughout the world and the efficient management of warehoused stock has been a key factor to deliver on time in full.

In case direct deliveries is not an option, we generally have three main types of stock we offer to our warehousing customers, which cover a multitude of service scenarios:

  • Cycle stock: Local stock holding to meet regular demand over a longer period.
  • Safety stock: Local stock holding to meet short-term requirements that cover any urgent or unexpected demand.
  • Seasonal stock: Typically, this is the seasonal stock for products with sales that increase sharply at certain times (for example, fertilizer for certain farming seasons).

Thanks to our Global sales network, local warehousing facilities and additional distribution locations, this allows our packaging products to be economically delivered to any part of the world.

Please contact your local FPS Flexible Packaging Solutions representative to discuss setting up your tailored Warehousing/Inventory Management System today.