Safe handling and transportation for hazardous goods

The transportation of hazardous products is regulated within a framework established by the United Nations (UN) Subcommittee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods.

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When you work with FPS you’re leveraging a team that ensures your UN FIBCs have been designed, tested, UN certified and manufactured within full adherence to these UN regulations for safe handling and transportation for hazardous goods.

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FPS's UN packaging Testing Laboratories are certificated independentely to conduct tests in accordance with the UN dangerous goods regulations.

A UN certified bulk bag, also known as a UN FIBC bags, is typically required when transporting or storing hazardous materials or substances that pose a risk to health, safety, or the environment. The certification ensures that the big bags have undergone testing and meets the necessary safety criteria for containing and handling hazardous substances during transportation. We have our own testing facilities where we design and test your UN FIBC bags to meet all the requirements.

UN packaging testing performed at FPS laboratories for UN FIBC:

Typical test performed at FPS laboratories are:  Top Lift, Drop, Topple, Righting, Stacking and Tear Test. The conducted FIBC test is dependent on the type of UN FIBC.

UN FIBCs Testing
UN FIBCs Testing
UN FIBCs Testing

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