Prevents Product Deterioration through MAP Technology

MAPGuard enables control and extension of products’ shelf life, ultimately protecting the commercial value of products in the food and chemical sectors.

Image of a MAPVac machine used in packaging.

Outstanding MAP capabilities while delivering FPS's quality and technical know-how.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is a technology that allows producers and distributors to slow the deterioration of perishable products, having as a result the extension of their shelf-life.

Step 1:

MAPGuard is filled with product and is full of oxygen inside


Step 2:

Vacuuming Process



Step 3:

Gas flushing Process



Step 4:

MAP Process Complete



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Product Shelf Life Control and Extension

Based on the extensive research conducted by FPS’s R&D, MAPGuard was designed to work with a variety of special liners in different industries. During the design phase and selection process of the liners, very strict testing was performed to determine MAPGuard’s specifications. It enables the protection and extension of the commercial value of food products with MAP food packaging technology.

MAP In Large Volume

MAPGuard brings the benefits of MAP Packaging technology to the world of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Packaging (up to 396 gallons / 1,500 litres in capacity), consequently offering cost savings to customers via economy of scale.


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Industry Leading MAP FIBC Quality Standard

  • The MAPGuard FIBC was launched after undergoing the most rigorous quality testing in the industry, which proved that its design, materials and processes are up to par, enabling containment and protection of valuable customer products stored and transported inside.
  • Reliability and know-how data gathered by FPS during MAPGuard’s development and launch phases, offers the highest quality assurance to customers who are planning to utilise the MAPGuard technology.

One-Stop Shop MAP Solution

The MAPGuard FIBC is the focus of FPS’s MAP solution. A series of accessories have been pre-selected for it, creating a system that works seamlessly and extends a “one-stop-shop” offer to customers interested in a full MAP option, which simplifies their purchase and after-sale experiences.


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Best-In-Class MAP Speed Process

MAPGuard was designed to operate with a rapid gas and vacuum system, ultimately enabling customers to perform swift gas and/or vacuum functions, which rapidly modify MAPGuard’s internal atmosphere, resulting in reduced operating costs.

*The time advantage between MAPGuard and other gas and vacuum systems may vary depending on the product, the gas and vacuum protocol used and other variables.

**If required by the customer, the MAPGuard FIBC can operate with third-party gas and vacuum systems.


Reliable and Hazard-Free MAP Process

The MAPGuard system allows the user to perform internal FIBC gas and/or vacuum functions, in a simple, consistent and reliable manner. Even with a basic level of training, the operator can carry out the process, resulting in consistent, efficient and high-quality production results.

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Safe and Easy-to-Use Test Point

  • The MAPGuard system allows users to measure FIBC’s internal atmospheric conditions while protecting the integrity of the liner via dedicated atmospheric test point, ultimately resulting in a reliable and easy-to-use test method and product shelf life control.
  • MAPGuard’s atmospheric test point allows users to monitor FIBC’s internal atmospheric conditions with industry standard equipment instead of costly, special equipment.

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