FlexiGreen by FPS

FIBC made from a minimum of 30% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) resin

FlexiGreen by FPS provides you with a solution to reduce waste to landfills and the carbon footprint of your products and achieve your emission reduction goals while ensuring the same high-quality performance as FIBCs made from virgin resin.

Performance of FlexiGreen by FPS

We provide our customers with a sustainable solution while still maintaining high-quality standards.

We use recycled resin to produce the fabric for our FlexiGreen by FPS, which undergoes a rigorous quality control process. Our unique Recycling Hub allows us to create a recycled resin that is of high quality and purity, ensuring that our FlexiGreen has the same level of performance as FIBCs produced with virgin material.

FlexiGreen FIBCs with 30% recycled material are compliant with ISO 21898 and offer the same benefits of reusability and recyclability as FIBCs made from virgin resin and comparable technical performance, without increasing the material content.

Performance of FlexiGreen proved by test criteria


Benefits of FlexiGreen by FPS

Reduced Emissions

Based on analysis done for different items, CO2 emissions can be reduced by 15% on average when an FIBC is produced with a minimum of 30% recycled material.



Tax Benefits

Plastic packaging taxes have been introduced on single-use items in Europe. However, the content made from recycled plastic is usually excluded from these obligations. FlexiGreen by FPS provides you with an economically beneficial solution to comply with the regulations.

Less Waste to Landfills

Flexigreen will strongly reduce waste going to landfills as the recycled resin is mainly produced from used big bags.




How the circular economy of FIBCs work

The used FIBC bags are recycled at our One-of-a-Kind Recycling Hub in Romania. The material is repurposed into recycled resin, that is used to produce our FlexiGreen big bags.

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