FIBCs with Liners

FPS provides FIBCs with customized Inner bulk bag Liners to enable additional containment of products.

Should your product application require electrostatic protection, FPS provides a complete portfolio FIBCs with liner materials. Whether you are using Type B, C or D FIBC we have an FIBC liner to match.

FIBCs with Liners

Benefits of FIBCs with Liners

Contain product/ guard integrity
Control aromas inside out/outside in
Protect from moisture/keep dry
Enhance outer package
Control & prevent air & gas migration
Shield against electrostatic build up
Protect from oxygen/ increase shelf life
Protect from leakage for liquids & semi solids

Product variants

LDPE based liners

  • Low oxygen/Medium moisturebarrier
  • Food or specialty chemicals
  • Can be used as inner fibc liners or outer hygienic bulk bag liners to protect the FIBC from external contaminants

EVOH based liners

  • High barrier function, prolonging the shelf life of your product
  • Milk powder, nutritional products, infant formula

Aluminum-based liners

  • Superior barrier function, maximum oxygen and moisture protection
  • Most suited for hygroscopic products and aroma control

Antistatic FIBC liners

  • Suitable for Type B ,C and D FIBCs.
  • Temporary antistatic – achieved by using an antistatic additive migrating by nature. Limited shelf life, and not recommended for sensitive food applications
  • Permanent antistatic – achieved by using a permanent antistatic additive, non-migrating nature. Preferred solution for food applications

Conductive liners

  • Suitable for Type C FIBCs, safely removes the electrostatic charge by grounding the FIBCs.
FIBCs with Liners

Why Should You Use Foil FIBC Liners?

Thanks to the aluminum layer, these foil liners offer protection against UV light, moisture, and oxygen, safeguarding products from deterioration. Aluminum barrier foil serves as a robust shield, preventing moisture, oxygen infiltration, UV light exposure, temperature extremes, odors, and various other factors from causing harm to products. This makes it particularly well-suited for premium applications, especially for goods susceptible to damage or loss due to fluctuations in moisture levels. Foil liners find utility across diverse industries, including chemical, food, plastic, and pharmaceutical sectors, where product replacement costs can be substantial. In essence, foil liners excel at enhancing the preservation of products compared to traditional polyethylene liners, ensuring their longevity.

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