FlexiGreen by FPS

FIBC made from a minimum of 30% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) resin

FlexiGreen by FPS provides you with a solution to reduce waste to landfills and the carbon footprint of your products and achieve your emission reduction goals while ensuring the same high-quality performance as FIBCs made from virgin resin.

Performance of FlexiGreen by FPS

We provide our customers with a sustainable solution while still maintaining high-quality standards.

We use recycled resin to produce the fabric for our FlexiGreen by FPS, which undergoes a rigorous quality control process. Our unique Recycling Hub allows us to create a recycled resin that is of high quality and purity, ensuring that our FlexiGreen has the same level of performance as FIBCs produced with virgin material.

FlexiGreen FIBCs with 30% recycled material are compliant with ISO 21898 and offer the same benefits of reusability and recyclability as FIBCs made from virgin resin and comparable technical performance, without increasing the material content.

Performance of FlexiGreen proved by test criteria


Benefits of FlexiGreen by FPS

Reduced Emissions

Based on analysis done for different items, CO2 emissions can be reduced by 15% on average when an FIBC is produced with a minimum of 30% recycled material.



Tax Benefits

Plastic packaging taxes have been introduced on single-use items in Europe. However, the content made from recycled plastic is usually excluded from these obligations. FlexiGreen by FPS provides you with an economically beneficial solution to comply with the regulations.

Less Waste to Landfills

Flexigreen will strongly reduce waste going to landfills as the recycled resin is mainly produced from used big bags.




How the circular economy of FIBCs work

The used FIBC bags are recycled at our One-of-a-Kind Recycling Hub in Romania. The material is repurposed into recycled resin, that is used to produce our FlexiGreen big bags.

About the Recycling Hub

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Flexible Films

At FPS Flexible Packaging Solutions, we mainly produce PE-based flexible barrier films. The barrier films are divided into different product categories according to their usage areas and the expectations of customers. FPS Flexible Packaging Solutions, offers oxygen, water vapour and aroma barrier-enabled solutions for food packaging used on market shelves.

Main Product Variants

Image of lamination films.


  • With or without barrier option
  • Our lamination film can be laminated with different adhesive systems (with solvent, solventless, water-based, etc.) and foils –
    films (BOPET, BOPP, BOPA, paper, etc.)
  • Sealable, peelable, tearable, antifog properties are available
Image of thermal lamination films.


  • With or without barrier option
  • Sealable and peelable options available
  • Can be laminated ‘in line’ using external or process heat with PET & PVC
Image of customized application films.


  • Our PE/PA/PE, PE/EVOH/PE and PE/PA/EVOH/PA/PE multilayer coex films are ideal to use on particular application
  • High puncture resistance, tensile strength, elongation and barrier (oxygen, water vapour, pentane etc.) properties can be achieved in our product range.
  • We aim to offer products with high mechanical properties such as protective film and bag-in-box applications.

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Foldable Container

A flexible, collapsible and 100% recyclable packaging system for the transport of
all kinds of solid, pasty and liquid bulks.

Designed for 60 – 220 L capacity

Product Benefits

  • Cost and space-saving at every stage of the logistic chain
  •  25-50 pcs. / pallet depending on the design
  •  Environmentally friendly
  • Reusable, by replacing the inner liner
  • Low initial purchase cost and low total cycle costs
  • Flexible in design, can be customized to your particular requirements
  • Easy handling
  • Option with conductive properties

Product Qualities

  • Made out of Polypropylene
  • Available from 60L to 220L
  • Can be customized for your specifications

Product Applications

  • Fine powders
  •  Liquids (with various liner and valve options)
  • Pasty substances (with various liner and valve options)


No extra equipment
needed for filling


Easy to keep it in stock,
up to 40 pcs. per pallet


Easy replacement
of the inner liner

Product Benefits

  • Cost-effective due to space-saving construction: up to 25 pcs. / pallet depending
    on the design
  •  Option with conductive properties
  •  Easy handling
  •  Offers various applications: solids, liquids, pasty substances, fine
  •  Different liner types available: EVOH, aluminum,conductive

Examples of customized options

Image of a bag with a spout.

With spout

Type C (conductive)

With emptying

With aluminum

Folded compactly

Image of a product compactly folded.
Image of an arrow pointing to the right

Upright position

Image of an arrow pointing to the right

Streched to open

Designed to fit almost any pallet
format for 500 – 1000 L capacity

Product Benefits

  • Available with a variety of inner liners and filling and emptying valves
  •  Option of octabins with conductive properties
  •  Available for different pallet dimensions CP1 – CP2 – CP3
  •  Space-effective design: possibility of stacking
  •  Available for 500L - 1000L capacity


Flexible packaging solution that can be transported easily and economically

Image of a drum product.

Image of a Foldable Container Product

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Aggregate FIBCs

Safe and Cost-Effective Packaging Soluiton for Shipping Building Supplies

FPS's range of aggregate FIBCs offers safe packaging solutions for transportation of bulk aggregates such as sand, stone and gravel.

Aggregate FIBCs
Aggregate FIBCs

Product Benefits

Cost-Effective and Reliable Containers for Shipping Building Supplies
  • Reduces the repetitive strain and risk of handling smaller containers.
  • Eliminates the need for manual handling or dumping off bulk containers on the ground at the final destination.
  • Provides branding opportunities by means of customer-specified color fabrics and printed brandmarks (of up to six colours).

Product Features and Options

  • Tunnel FIBC with Corner Loop: Construction provides two lifting options.
  • Corner Loop FIBC: Tailored and sized to meet your specific requirements and is also suited for most applications.
  • Safe Working Load: UV-stabilised FIBCs are designed to carry loads of up to 1,000 kg (2,205 lbs) with a 5:1 or a 6:1 safety factor.


Aggregate FIBCs Diagram

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Safe handling and transportation for hazardous goods

The transportation of hazardous products is regulated within a framework established by the United Nations (UN) Subcommittee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods.

Image of a UN bag product - FPS

When you work with FPS you’re leveraging a team that ensures your UN FIBCs have been designed, tested, UN certified and manufactured within full adherence to these UN regulations for safe handling and transportation for hazardous goods.

Image of a FIBS-UN-Logo

FPS's UN packaging Testing Laboratories are certificated independentely to conduct tests in accordance with the UN dangerous goods regulations.

A UN certified bulk bag, also known as a UN FIBC bags, is typically required when transporting or storing hazardous materials or substances that pose a risk to health, safety, or the environment. The certification ensures that the bag has undergone testing and meets the necessary safety criteria for containing and handling hazardous substances during transportation. We have our own testing facilities where we design and test your UN FIBC bags to meet all the requirements.

UN packaging testing performed at FPS laboratories for UN FIBC:

Typical test performed at FPS laboratories are:  Top Lift, Drop, Topple, Righting, Stacking and Tear Test. The conducted FIBC test is dependent on the type of UN FIBC.

UN FIBCs Testing
UN FIBCs Testing
UN FIBCs Testing

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Prevents Product Deterioration through MAP Technology

MAPGuard enables control and extension of products’ shelf life, ultimately protecting the commercial value of products in the food and chemical sectors.

Image of a MAPVac machine used in packaging.

Outstanding MAP capabilities while delivering FPS's quality and technical know-how.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is a technology that allows producers and distributors to slow the deterioration of perishable products, having as a result the extension of their shelf-life.

Step 1:

MAPGuard is filled with product and is full of oxygen inside


Step 2:

Vacuuming Process



Step 3:

Gas flushing Process



Step 4:

MAP Process Complete



Why Mapguard image


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Product Shelf Life Control and Extension

Based on the extensive research conducted by FPS’s R&D, MAPGuard was designed to work with a variety of special liners in different industries. During the design phase and selection process of the liners, very strict testing was performed to determine MAPGuard’s specifications. It enables the protection and extension of the commercial value of food products with MAP food packaging technology.

MAP In Large Volume

MAPGuard brings the benefits of MAP Packaging technology to the world of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Packaging (up to 396 gallons / 1,500 litres in capacity), consequently offering cost savings to customers via economy of scale.


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Industry Leading MAP FIBC Quality Standard

  • The MAPGuard FIBC was launched after undergoing the most rigorous quality testing in the industry, which proved that its design, materials and processes are up to par, enabling containment and protection of valuable customer products stored and transported inside.
  • Reliability and know-how data gathered by FPS during MAPGuard’s development and launch phases, offers the highest quality assurance to customers who are planning to utilise the MAPGuard technology.

One-Stop Shop MAP Solution

The MAPGuard FIBC is the focus of FPS’s MAP solution. A series of accessories have been pre-selected for it, creating a system that works seamlessly and extends a “one-stop-shop” offer to customers interested in a full MAP option, which simplifies their purchase and after-sale experiences.


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Best-In-Class MAP Speed Process

MAPGuard was designed to operate with a rapid gas and vacuum system, ultimately enabling customers to perform swift gas and/or vacuum functions, which rapidly modify MAPGuard’s internal atmosphere, resulting in reduced operating costs.

*The time advantage between MAPGuard and other gas and vacuum systems may vary depending on the product, the gas and vacuum protocol used and other variables.

**If required by the customer, the MAPGuard FIBC can operate with third-party gas and vacuum systems.


Reliable and Hazard-Free MAP Process

The MAPGuard system allows the user to perform internal FIBC gas and/or vacuum functions, in a simple, consistent and reliable manner. Even with a basic level of training, the operator can carry out the process, resulting in consistent, efficient and high-quality production results.

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Safe and Easy-to-Use Test Point

  • The MAPGuard system allows users to measure FIBC’s internal atmospheric conditions while protecting the integrity of the liner via dedicated atmospheric test point, ultimately resulting in a reliable and easy-to-use test method and product shelf life control.
  • MAPGuard’s atmospheric test point allows users to monitor FIBC’s internal atmospheric conditions with industry standard equipment instead of costly, special equipment.

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FIBCs with Liners

FPS provides FIBCs with customized Inner bulk bag Liners to enable additional containment of products.

Should your product application require electrostatic protection, FPS provides a complete portfolio FIBCs with liner materials. Whether you are using Type B, C or D FIBC we have an FIBC liner to match.

FIBCs with Liners

Benefits of FIBCs with Liners

Contain product/ guard integrity
Control aromas inside out/outside in
Protect from moisture/keep dry
Enhance outer package
Control & prevent air & gas migration
Shield against electrostatic build up
Protect from oxygen/ increase shelf life
Protect from leakage for liquids & semi solids

Product variants

LDPE based liners

  • Low oxygen/Medium moisturebarrier
  • Food or specialty chemicals
  • Can be used as inner fibc liners or outer hygienic bulk bag liners to protect the FIBC from external contaminants

EVOH based liners

  • High barrier function, prolonging the shelf life of your product
  • Milk powder, nutritional products, infant formula

Aluminum-based liners

  • Superior barrier function, maximum oxygen and moisture protection
  • Most suited for hygroscopic products and aroma control

Antistatic FIBC liners

  • Suitable for Type B ,C and D FIBCs.
  • Temporary antistatic – achieved by using an antistatic additive migrating by nature. Limited shelf life, and not recommended for sensitive food applications
  • Permanent antistatic – achieved by using a permanent antistatic additive, non-migrating nature. Preferred solution for food applications

Conductive liners

  • Suitable for Type C FIBCs, safely removes the electrostatic charge by grounding the FIBCs.
FIBCs with Liners

Why Should You Use Foil FIBC Liners?

Thanks to the aluminum layer, these foil liners offer protection against UV light, moisture, and oxygen, safeguarding products from deterioration. Aluminum barrier foil serves as a robust shield, preventing moisture, oxygen infiltration, UV light exposure, temperature extremes, odors, and various other factors from causing harm to products. This makes it particularly well-suited for premium applications, especially for goods susceptible to damage or loss due to fluctuations in moisture levels. Foil liners find utility across diverse industries, including chemical, food, plastic, and pharmaceutical sectors, where product replacement costs can be substantial. In essence, foil liners excel at enhancing the preservation of products compared to traditional polyethylene liners, ensuring their longevity.

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Formstable FIBCs

Stability and optimal utilization of space

The unique but simple FIBC construction helps to prevent deformation of the bag and ensures that the FIBC retains its square or rectangular shape during transportation and storage.

Formstable FIBCs

Main benefits of Formstable FIBCs

  • Optimized transport loading, up to 30% more volume
  • Improved space utilization during warehouse storage
  • Enhanced stability during stacking, transportation and handling, thereby enhancing the safety within the immediate environment of the FIBC
  • Lower freight costs, less pallets, and fewer FIBCs
Formstable FIBCs Top


30% more volume

Optimized transport loading with up to 30% more volume for your product. Can be packed efficient in an ISO container or truck to avoid valuable lost load space.

Formstable baffle solutions

The Inner- circle construction prevents the side panels from excessive expansion.

Formstable FIBCs Diagram

3 types of baffle solutions

Standard Baffle
Image of a Formstable standard baffle B product.

Woven polypropylene panels with strategically located windows to allow the free flow of product during the fill and discharge.

Net Baffle
Image of a form stable Greif net baffle A product.

The Net Baffle format, consists of  a continuous polypropylene yarn.  This design allows an increased  flow of product.

Formstable Liner Solutions

Designed to reduce transportation costs, this solution is ideal for high shelf systems and automated warehouses.

Formstable FIBCs Filled
Formstable FIBCs Filled Angle 2

Formstable FIBCs truck and container loading


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Standard FIBCs

Safe packaging solutions for semi-bulk applications

Our extensive range of Standard FIBCs serve a wide variety of dry bulk handling applications, providing you with safe and sturdy semi-bulk packaging solutions. Whether you are handling powder, granular, or flake products,  Standard FIBCs provide product containment and protect against hazards such as moisture and electrostatics.

Standard FIBCs

We specify Standard FIBCs to you unique situation, please find below a selection of main attributes.

Standard FIBCs Loop design & Fabrics

Corner Loop

Tailored and sized to suit your specific requirement. Optimize efficiency. Suitable for most handling applications

Cross-Corner Loop

The classic design for Circular Woven FIBCs without corner seam. Promotes quick handling of bulk shipping bags.

Standard FIBCs Diagram


Flat woven fabric

Excellent choice for a variety of products.

It is a very popular design for dense products.

Circular woven fabric

Ideal option for fine materials. Its construction eliminates side seams resulting in improved sift and moisture protection.

High variety of standard fabric colors and thicknesses is available. Tailored options are possible for your specific requirements.

Measurements and Volumes

4-Loop FIBCs can be designed and produced in different sizes and configurations to meet your specific customer needs.


Safety Factor (SF) according to ISO 21898:2004

Single Trip

FIBCs that are designed and intended for a single fill / use. They can be handled multiple times but not re-filled or re-used. Single trip FIBCs are tested to a 5:1 safety factor.

Multi Trip

FIBCs that are designed and intended to be used for a limited number of trips. It is therefore critical that all used FIBCs are re-inspected prior to re-filling to ensure that no damage has occurred during use.

  • Multi trip FIBCs with 6:1 safety factor, cannot be structurally repaired
  • Multi trip FIBCs with 8:1 safety factor, may be structurally repairable in some cases.
Safe Working Load

FIBCs can be designed to safely carry loads ranging from 250 to 3000 kg.

Selection of main attributes

  • Filling and Discharging options: Enable ease of filling and discharging depending on filling product and machinery. We have a full suite of solutions available.
  • Closures and Accessories: FIBC spouts can be closed with a variety of folding methods and closure materials, including ties, B-lock, Velcro or remote
  • Stitching and Dustproof options: We offer an extensive range of seam types to ensure best compatibility with your product application. Specifically for fine powders and free flowing materials we offer seam enhancements to prevent leakage.
  • Static Protective FIBCs (Type B,C,D): Some FIBC applications occur in potentially hazardous explosive atmospheres. As filling and Discharging creates static electricity and/or fine powders with low minimum ignition levels can create combustible dust clouds within the bulk bag and surrounding environment. Therefore, it is critical to select the right FIBC type according to risk level. FPS FIBCs are designed and constructed to ensure they are compatible with the environment and application in which they are used. Full compliance with international standard packaging for electrostatic classification of FIBCs (IEC 61340-4-4).

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