WaterSafe backpacks aid Barmer, India

WaterSafe to Aid the Drought-Affected Villages of Barmer, India

Amidst the arid expanses of Barmer, Rajasthan, our team has delivered 6.000 WaterSafe backpacks to remote villages, providing a lifeline to communities in desperate need of reliable water transport solutions. 

A group of people in Barmer India carrying the WaterSafe backpacks, aiding Barmer, India.

In Barmer, a district in the Thar Desert, water scarcity is a chronic issue worsened by extreme climatic conditions, scanty rainfall, and high temperatures. Groundwater depletion, driven by excessive extraction for irrigation and domestic use, further compounds the crisis. The quality of available water is often compromised by high salinity and fluoride contamination, making much of it unsuitable for consumption. Poor infrastructure for water storage and distribution adds to the challenges, leading to unequal access to safe and reliable water services. 

Access to water in Barmer is a daily struggle. Women and children undertake long and arduous journeys to secure this essential resource, often carrying heavy loads over vast distances. To alleviate this burden, innovative solutions such as the WaterSafe backpacks have been introduced. These backpacks, designed specifically for rural communities in arid regions, offer a practical and efficient way to carry water. Constructed from flexible polyethylene with a sturdy, puncture-resistant outer shell, the WaterSafe backpacks ensure durability and hygiene, making water transport easier and safer. 

The Project Objectives: 

Alleviate Physical Burden: Reduce the physical strain of water transportation, particularly for women and children, by redistributing the weight from the head and spine to the shoulders. 

Improve Accessibility: Provide a practical means of carrying water over long distances, making water transport easier and more accessible for villagers. 

Ensure Durability and Hygiene: Constructed from durable materials, WaterSafe backpacks maintain hygiene standards crucial for safe water storage and transportation. 

Empower Rural Communities: Offer a practical tool to help villagers manage their water needs more effectively, improving their resilience to water scarcity. 

Foster Sustainable Solutions: Promote the use of innovative technologies and materials to address water-related challenges in arid regions. 

By distributing 6.000 WaterSafe backpacks in Barmer, WaterSafe has significantly improved the daily lives of these villagers, offering a sustainable and reliable means to transport and store water. This initiative has not only alleviated the physical burden on women and children but has also helped save lives in one of the harshest environments on Earth. 

A group of people in Barmer India carrying the WaterSafe backpacks.

For a more in-depth look at the project in Barmer and its impact, you can download the full project report here: WaterSafe to Aid the Drought-Affected Villages of Barmer, India – Project Report 2024. Learn how WaterSafe is transforming lives in arid regions and how you can support this vital initiative.

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