Image of FPS invests in a 9 Layer liner extrusion line in Turkey

FPS invests in a 9 layer liner extrusion line in Turkey

Blown-film-coextrusion with 9 layers for the production of PE based film structures, HDPE, Permanent A/S, Conductive, Pharma, EVOH and PA


Benefits for the customer: Customized solutions and One-Stop shop efficiency

FIBC Inner Liners produced on state-of-the-art 9 layer extrusion line

Production environment improvements

    • Manufactured in a clean, BRC/ IoP (AA) certified environment•HEPA 13 filter system for cooling air
    • F9 filter system for production area
    • Controlled double door system at all entrances

Production process improvements

    • Automatic thickness control and adjustment system for all materials
    • Double winder for lay flat films  up to 2.600 mm lay flat
    • Gravimetric dosing systems for all extruders
    • Corona treater for laminating and printing application
    • High quality of sealing-performance in body-part
    • New generator and ups system that prevents machine shutdown during power failures