Our aggregate bulk bags offer safe industrial construction packaging solutions for transportation of bulk aggregates such as sand, stone and gravel.

Packaging construction aggregate products:


At FPS, we understand your need for cost-effective and reliable packaging for bulk aggregates for shipping building supplies and packaging aggregate products. We have the right flexible products that reduce the repetitive strain and risk of handling smaller containers and eliminate the need for manual handling or dumping off bulk containers on the ground at the final destination. FPS aggregate bags are meticulously designed to provide optimal protection for building supplies during transportation and to be the most effective solution for industrial construction packaging.

What are main advantages to using aggregate bulk bags for industrial construction packaging?

We utilize high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure durability, strength, and resilience. Whether you're shipping bricks, cement, tiles, or any other bulk aggregates, our aggregate bulk bags can withstand the rigors of the shipping process, safeguarding your goods from damage and ensuring they arrive in excellent condition.

With our innovative industrial construction packaging design, aggregate bulk bags can be easily unloaded and transported using forklifts or other appropriate machinery. This streamlines the unloading process, saving valuable time and effort. By avoiding the manual handling and dumping of aggregate bulk bags, we help minimize the risk of accidents and product damage, ensuring a smoother and safer operation overall. Your products will be safe in FPS industrial construction packaging!


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