Formstable FIBCs

Stability and optimal utilization of space

The unique but simple FIBC construction helps to prevent deformation of the bag and ensures that the FIBC retains its square or rectangular shape during transportation and storage.

Main benefits of Formstable FIBCs

  • Optimized transport loading, up to 30% more volume
  • Improved space utilization during warehouse storage
  • Enhanced stability during stacking, transportation and handling, thereby enhancing the safety within the immediate environment of the FIBC
  • Lower freight costs, less pallets, and fewer FIBCs
Formstable FIBCs Top


30% more volume

Optimized transport loading with up to 30% more volume for your product. Can be packed efficient in an ISO container or truck to avoid valuable lost load space.

Formstable baffle solutions

The Inner- circle construction prevents the side panels from excessive expansion.

Formstable FIBCs Diagram

3 types of baffle solutions

Standard Baffle
Image of a Formstable standard baffle B product.

Woven polypropylene panels with strategically located windows to allow the free flow of product during the fill and discharge.

Net Baffle
Image of a form stable Greif net baffle A product.

The Net Baffle format, consists of  a continuous polypropylene yarn.  This design allows an increased  flow of product.

Formstable Liner Solutions

Designed to reduce transportation costs, this solution is ideal for high shelf systems and automated warehouses.

Formstable FIBCs Filled
Formstable FIBCs Filled Angle 2

Formstable FIBCs truck and container loading


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