Foldable Container

A flexible, collapsible and 100% recyclable packaging system for the transport of
all kinds of solid, pasty and liquid bulks.

Designed for 60 – 220 L capacity

Product Benefits

  • Cost and space-saving at every stage of the logistic chain
  •  25-50 pcs. / pallet depending on the design
  •  Environmentally friendly
  • Reusable, by replacing the inner liner
  • Low initial purchase cost and low total cycle costs
  • Flexible in design, can be customized to your particular requirements
  • Easy handling
  • Option with conductive properties

Product Qualities

  • Made out of Polypropylene
  • Available from 60L to 220L
  • Can be customized for your specifications

Product Applications

  • Fine powders
  •  Liquids (with various liner and valve options)
  • Pasty substances (with various liner and valve options)


No extra equipment
needed for filling


Easy to keep it in stock,
up to 40 pcs. per pallet


Easy replacement
of the inner liner

Product Benefits

  • Cost-effective due to space-saving construction: up to 25 pcs. / pallet depending
    on the design
  •  Option with conductive properties
  •  Easy handling
  •  Offers various applications: solids, liquids, pasty substances, fine
  •  Different liner types available: EVOH, aluminum,conductive

Examples of customized options

Image of a bag with a spout.

With spout

Type C (conductive)

With emptying

With aluminum

Folded compactly

Image of a product compactly folded.
Image of an arrow pointing to the right

Upright position

Image of an arrow pointing to the right

Streched to open

Designed to fit almost any pallet
format for 500 – 1000 L capacity

Product Benefits

  • Available with a variety of inner liners and filling and emptying valves
  •  Option of octabins with conductive properties
  •  Available for different pallet dimensions CP1 – CP2 – CP3
  •  Space-effective design: possibility of stacking
  •  Available for 500L - 1000L capacity


Flexible packaging solution that can be transported easily and economically

Image of a drum product.

Image of a Foldable Container Product

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