UN Certified Bulk Bags for Safe Handling and Transportation for Hazardous Goods

UN Certified Bulk Bags



UN Subcommittee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods regulates the transportation of hazardous products by the un certified bulk bags.

What are UN Certified Bulk Bags?

When it comes to storing and transporting hazardous materials, the United Nations Association or the Orange Book requires un certified packaging for dangerous goods to meet a few of their regulations. These un certified bulk bags are crafted from woven plastics, with or without coating or liners. UN Certified Bulk Bags are required to go through a series of rigorous testing in order to get approved.

Bulk bags for un certificate for dangerous goods that have been approved by the UN can be used with confidence, knowing that they meet the high standards set by the organization.

Tests that are conducted:

Top lift test,

Tear test,

Stacking test,

Drop test,

Topple test,

Righting test.

The test house authorized by the national government to carry out UN performance tests on its behalf and to issue National Test Certificates to UN standard by competent authorities will prepare a report which is the basis on which the certificate is issued.

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