Partnerships for Sustainability Webinar

On the 14th of February, FPS organized a webinar to showcase initiatives that can directly contribute to creating value for your business.

Our world-class Recycling Hub, as highlighted in the video presentation, is just one example of how we are dedicated to sustainability while creating tangible benefits for partners like you. This visual journey provided an in-depth look into our commitment to recycling, illustrating the innovative processes and initiatives that make our hub an essential part of our sustainability efforts.

We are able to produce 7000 tons PCR per year and we prepare to operate the second line of our recycling hub, effectively doubling our capacity. By 2025, we anticipate our output to reach 14,000 tons of PCR that will be used to produce FlexiGreen, our FIBC that is designed to help you reduce the environmental impact of your packaging and provide you tax benefits.

We have relocated the reconditioning busines unit from Netherlands to Romania. We announced our plans to expand the REBU Reconditioning capacity to 300,000 bags in 2024 to help you reduce your waste, lower your carbon footprint and extend the lifespan of your asseet.

We showcased the carbon savings with different end of life scenarios and compare the bags produced with 100% virgin material and 30% PCR; new bag versus reconditioned bag.


At FPS we are committed to contributing to the well-being of people and we established Omniversal Life Impact Program. In the scope of this program, we created WaterSafe for people who have difficulties to access safe and clean water.

WaterSafe is designed to transport, store and dispense water in a safe and hygienic way. Currenly we are cooperating with NGOs in Kenya and we have distributed 68,000 WaterSafe backpacks impacting more than 1 million lives.

We discussed the opportunities for you about how you can donate and partner with us.

If you have any further questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by your account Managers, or sending e-mail to . We value your input and are always eager to hear from you.