Secure Your Goods with Heavy Duty Bulk Bags

Applications of Heavy Duty Bulk Bags



FPS’s range of aggregate FIBC bulk bags offers safe and cost-effective packaging solutions for the transportation of bulk aggregates such as sand, stone, and gravel. Transportation with bulk shipping bags is a breeze with these tough and weather-resistant heavy duty bulk bags – perfect for carrying building supplies without the worry of damage or spillage!

Let’s Talk About the Bags!

Builders’ heavy duty bulk bags, also known as dumpy bags or jumbo sack, come in two main styles – 4 loop and tunnel lift. These industrial bulk bags are used in the building industry for transporting and storing aggregates, sand, and other construction-related products.

Tunnel Lift FIBC with Corner Loop: Two lifting options are available for this heavy duty bag.

Corner Loop Bags: Tailored and sized to meet your specific requirements and is also suited for most applications.

Standard Sizes:

Corner Loop Bags:

90x90x90cm, 85x85x85cm, 80x80x80cm

Tunnel Lift Bags:

75x85x95cm, 77x77x100cm, 72x82x93cm, 90x90x90cm


In the quarrying and mining sector, and construction sites, safety is the number one priority for everyone involved. As the manager of these operations, it’s your responsibility to make sure that every item and material used meets or exceeds the strictest safety standards. Mining and building materials are incredibly heavy, so you need heavy duty bag that are designed to withstand a lot of weight and wear and tear. Big bags are also the best solution for storing and handling materials that have a high powder content – this prevents spills and contamination in the work place. Our FIBC bulk bags can be customized to your industry’s unique needs. We offer a wide range of products such as large bulk bags that can be found on the heavy duty bulk bags market, whether you’re looking for heavy duty flexible packaging, simple packaging solution or a complex custom design, we have the expertise and experience to deliver.


Shipping metals, minerals, and building materials in bulk can be a tricky undertaking because there are a lot of regulations. These operations have to follow to make sure everything arrives safe and sound. But you can rest assured knowing that as long as you’re using certified industrial supersacks – like flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) – you’re in good hands. FPS FIBC bulk bags are made out of high-quality materials that are designed to withstand heavy filling weights and even the most extreme environments without tearing or contaminating the contents of the bag. Our expertise and experience allow us to be a top participant in bulk packaged solutions and heavy duty bulk bags market.

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