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Bulk Bags for Sale: Extensive Range of Industrial Bulk Sacks

FPS Flexible Industrial Packaging offers various bulk bags for sale.


At FPS, we understand that the world’s most important products need to be transported safely and securely. That’s why we offer a comprehensive and innovative range of industrial bulk sacks, designed with the highest quality standards, to safely store and transport your products. Whether you’re looking for a simple packaging solution or a complex custom container packaging design, we have the expertise and experience to deliver.

One of the primary advantages of super sacks is their ability to streamline logistics and storage. Unlike traditional smaller bags, super sacks reduce the need for individual packaging and minimize the time and effort required for loading and unloading. This efficiency not only saves costs but also enhances overall productivity. Our super sacks for sale are commonly used in industries such as agriculture, construction, chemicals, minerals, and food processing.

Products That We Offer:

product range

FPS offers a wide range of bulk bags for sale.  Through research and innovations, we are constantly developing products that cater to customers from various industries.

Our main product lines are 4-Loop FIBCs, 1 & 2 Loop FIBCs and Container Liners.

Our industrial bulk bags have an extensive range of 4-Loop FIBCs, we serve a wide variety of dry bulk handling applications, providing you with safe and sturdy semi-bulk packaging solutions. Whether you are handling powder, granular, or flake products, FPS 4-Loop FIBCs provide product containment and protect against hazards such as moisture and electrostatics. Our bulk bags for sale can be customized in multiple ways to meet your unique requirements. When searching for super sacks for sale, you will encounter a range of options tailored to different applications.

Our 4-Loop product range includes:

Aggregate FIBC: FPS’s range of aggregate FIBCs offers safe packaging solutions for the transportation of bulk aggregates such as sand, stone and gravel.

UN FIBC: The transportation of hazardous products is regulated within a framework established by the United Nations (UN) Subcommittee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. We provide bags that meet all necessary requirements of the framework.

MAPGuard: Prevents Product Deterioration through MAP Technology MAPGuard enables control and extension of products’ shelf life, ultimately protecting the commercial value of products in the food and chemical sectors.

FIBC with Liners: FPS provides FIBCs with customized Inner Liners to enable additional containment of products. Should your product application require electrostatic protection, FPS provides a complete portfolio of liner materials.

Formstable FIBC: The unique but simple FIBC construction helps to prevent the deformation of the bag and ensures that the FIBC retains its square or rectangular shape during transportation and storage.

Standard FIBC: Serves a wide variety of dry bulk handling applications, providing you with safe and sturdy semi-bulk packaging solutions, whether you are handling powder, granular, or flake products.

Our 1 & 2 Loop FIBC provides optimal efficiency and is cost-effective, easy-to-handle packaging for agriculture, fertilizers, seed, cement, lime, fish feed and other bulk load applications.

FPS bulk bag(s) for sale might not be the only solution for your packaging needs. FPS’s container liners offer a cost-effective and protective alternative to transport your dry goods in a contamination-free bulk package. The Container Liners has many product variants:

  1. Standard Woven HDPE Bulk Container Liners
  2. Humidity Barrier PE Film Container Liner
  3. Fluidizing Container Liner
  4. Barless Container Liner
  5. Single-Bar Container Liner
  6. Thermal Container Liner
  7. Trailer Van Bulk Liner
  8. Reefer Liner

Industry Applications:

With continuously evolving regulations and safety guidelines, FPS bulk sacks play a vital role due to their direct contact with a valuable product. FPS provides a wide variety of FIBCs to satisfy the technical and regulatory requirements for various industries like Food and Nutrition, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Biodegradable Plastics, Construction Aggregates, Mining and Bulk Packaging Solutions etc. The bulk sacks for sale on the packaging market vary greatly, but with our great expertise and innovative solutions, you can make sure to find the best fit.


We understand that transporting and protecting bulk products is crucial. That’s why we offer a large selection of industrial bulk sacks that are perfect for storing, transporting and protecting products of all types. Whether you’re looking for a simple packaging solution, or you want to explore some more complex custom designs, we have the expertise and experience to deliver the best bulk sacks for sale that meet the packaging standards. As a leader in the industry, we can act as a partner to find your perfect super sacks for sale and optimize your usage of them.

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