Our purpose

Continuously support the well-being of stakeholders and communities we touch and improve the sustainability of our products

At FPS, our dynamic workforce consists of over 4,000 colleagues connecting from various corners of the globe. This international presence underscores our commitment to embracing diverse perspectives and cultures. Within our teams, we proudly bring together individuals from both white-collar and blue-collar backgrounds, fostering a collaborative environment where a spectrum of skills and talents flourish.

Human Rights and Fair Labor Practices

  • Human Rights
    As a manufacturing company, FPS operates in a labor-intensive industry. Our commitment to upholding human rights and fair labor practices is directly aligned with our dedication to the health, safety and wellbeing of our colleagues. We maintain these standards and expectations throughout our supply chain. We are devoted to working with responsible partners to ensure our customers' confidence in our responsible sourcing and labor practices.
  • Diversity and inclusion
    Diversity & Inclusion is one of the most important values for FPS. We intend to be a company that respects and provides equal opportunities for people all around the globe. We are committed to creating work environments characterized by inclusive leadership and accountability, openness, and freedom from bias and discrimination. We aim to build a culture where all colleagues feel they can bring their whole selves to work because it is our differences that make us into a strong team.

Read our Labor and Human Rights policies for more information.

Gender Diversity

We take pride in having a balanced gender distribution with 46% female and 54% male colleagues in our global network. The aim of gender equality in the workplace is to provide equal opportunities and outcomes for everyone, irrespective of their gender. A company that aims to create a sustainable work environment must address the diversity and inclusiveness of its work culture.

See how we celebrated International Women's Day in 2023:

Health & Safety

With over 4,000 people, the safety of the employees is the most severe element to consider at FPS Flexible Packaging Solutions. No operation is more important than the safety and health of our colleagues, therefore there is a priority in all FPS workplaces to ensure this.

  • Each facility holds an annual Safety Week intending to raise safety awareness. All production employees in FPS receive safety training, ensuring our safety culture is understood and practised daily.
  • We aim to reach a Medical Case Rate of Zero in all facilities by 2025.
  • Ensuring safety also applies to our colleagues working in the offices; despite the perception that their roles might not involve physical hazards. Our colleagues are obliged to participate in training about fire safety, and cybersecurity, and are encouraged to pay attention to their mental health.
  • To consistently highlight the importance of safety, every large team meeting is commenced with a safety minute, focusing on one important element of daily safety measures.


Employee Satisfaction

  • Our company’s greatest assets are our people – but in reality, this is only valid for the colleagues who are engaged. Our colleagues cooperate to improve the company and are committed to their work, they drive our innovation and move the company forward.
  • Measured via the Gallup engagement score, engagement percentages for FPS are consistently improving. We take great pride in that overall employee engagement was at 89% manufacturing percentile in 2021 with 98% of colleagues participating in the survey.

Great Place To Work Award

Our company’s greatest assets are our people. We are delighted to announce that FPS was awarded the Great Place to Work Certification in numerous countries.