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Improve the sustainability of our products and the well-being of the communities and stakeholders we impact

Health & Safety

With over 4,000 people the safety of the workers is the most serious element to consider at FPS Flexible Packaging Solutions. No operation is more important than the safety and health of our colleagues, therefore there is a priority in all FPS workplaces to ensure this.

  • Each facility holds annual Safety Week with the goal of raising safety awareness. All production employees in FPS receive safety training, average of 16 hours for in FY 2020, ensuring our safety culture is understood and practiced every day.
  • 9 out of 14 FPS facilities had zero accidents in FY 2020, and 10 FPS facilities received the Chairman's Safety Excellence award, for scoring a 90% or higher on a third-party safety audit and achieving a Medical Case Rate of zero.
  • We are very proud that FPS achieved a best in class performance with a MCR of 0.17  for 2021. Our target is to reach a Medical Case Rate of Zero in all facilities by 2025.

FPS Stories: Zero medical cases in 2021

An interview with Jose, our Plant Manager in Matehuala, Mexico, who's team recently achieved Zero medical cases in 2021

  • Q. What has been the impact of the safety leadership program at your plant?
  • A.  Despite a rapid increase in staff members, we have achieved zero medical cases in 2021. The team has worked amazingly hard, with an attitude of continuous improvement. With everyone working shoulder-to-shoulder, we can evolve from the imposition of safety rules to a true safety culture, where we are all safety meerkats.
  • Q.  How do you ensure Zero Harm in the Workplace?
  • A.  Be accountable for ensuring there 10- to 15- minute talks each day, to keep alive colleagues’ engagement.
  • Q. What are your own safety commitments?
  • A.  Safety and Quality are key...
    1. Safety at home: Reverse my car into my garage so that when I exit, I am facing forward with a full view of the road.
    2. Safety at work: Verify on a daily basis that the production guards on the coating machine are closed and locked.
    3. Quality: Actively participate in each quality alert from customers, even if it is not a complaint.
  • Q. What does Zero Harm mean to you?
  • A.  Zero Harm is an important challenge for FPS Mexico, since the elaboration of Big Bags is labor-intensive; in each stage of the manufacturing process, the product is handles by our colleagues. It is vital to prioritize safety at all times.

Employee Satisfaction

  • Our company’s greatest assets are our people – but in reality, this is only valid for the colleagues who are engaged. Our colleagues cooperate to improve the company and are committed to their work, they drive our innovation and move the company forward.
  • Measured via the Gallup engagement score, engagement percentages for FPS are consistently improving. We take great pride in that overall employee engagement was at 89% manufacturing percentile in 2021 with 98% of colleagues participating in the survey.


Colleague Engagement Percentile

Human Rights and Fair Labor Practices

  • As a manufacturing company, FPS operates in a labor-intensive industry. Our commitment to upholding human rights and fair labor practices is directly aligned with our dedication to the health, safety and wellbeing of our colleagues. We maintain these standards and expectations throughout our supply chain. We are devoted to working with responsible partners to ensure our customers' confidence in our responsible sourcing and labor practices.
  • Diversity and inclusion
    FPS is committed to creating work environments characterized by inclusive leadership and accountability among managers, equality and fairness of opportunity, and openness and freedom from bias and discrimination. The company aims to uphold a zero-tolerance policy for discriminatory behavior, such as bullying and harassment, and actively helps managers and staff to build a culture where all employees feel they can bring their whole selves to work. There is a focus on advancing diverse talent into executive, management, technical, and board roles.