In 2010, Greif and Al-Dabbagh Group (ADG) undertook a 50/50 Joint Venture to establish the FPS business to become the market leader within FIBCs. On April 1st, 2022, the two shareholders completed the transition to the single-owner ADG.  Our team is inspired by this new single ownership and is working passionately with our customers to further develop our mutual partnership.


Our Purpose

Continuously support the well-being of stakeholders and communities we touch and improve the sustainability of our products


What We Strive For

People Excellence is one of our four Business Priorities. We aim to empower and inspire our Team to achieve their own, as well as our common goals.

FPS Flexible Packaging Solutions provides FIBCs or Big Bags, container liners, and other flexible packaging for chemical, food, pharmaceutical, agriculture, and many other sectors.

The world’s most important products have traveled safely around the world in FPS industrial packaging. We are committed to being your productivity partner by bringing efficiency to your supply chain through a comprehensive and innovative product portfolio. With over 4,000 colleagues in 16 countries, 13 production plants and 19 sales locations we have an extensive and integrated global manufacturing and distribution network providing technical expertise and local customer service.

We believe that we have a great chance to change our future and to leave a better world for our communities and stakeholders we impact. We focus on our people, strong through diversity, committed to sustainability, and empowered by continuous improvement in all aspects of our work.

Please have a look at our Sustainability page for more information.

Our Code of Conduct defines the standards we hold for ourselves when conducting business, wherever we are in the world. 

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